Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trends and Issues in Various Settings

This section focuses on all the opportunities available for instructional designers ranging from business to the military, health care, education and international settings. My husband is a computer programmer. My background is in business and marketing. We have started a business with the intention of providing computer consulting to small to medium sized businesses. This consulting will entail database design, web design, networking and any other computer services the client may need.

I have a bachelor of science degree in business with an emphasis in Marketing. I worked as a Marketing Manager for 7 years. After having my son I became more interested in educating him. Thus, my interest have shifted to education. I currently work as a student advisor for an outreach program at USC. I love helping children reach their goals. I believe all children deserve a good education where they are able to not only learn the basics but, also learning higher-level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation. I believe this will help students become active participants in the learning process as well as, help them secure better careers in the future.

Since my interests now include education. I believe I will also use my Instructional Technology skills in my current position helping students use technology to learn informally. My husband and I also plan to incorporate consulting educational institutions into our computer consulting business.


Oraya said...

I agree with you that children deserve the best education which included the critical and analysis parts of thinking process since now the education field has changed into the new way of learning. Teachers are not only just feed students the content but instead they try to push students to think and achieve the content by themselves through their perception. They are required to participate more in class and do more group activities which they can build up relationship with others.

Thus, children nowadays want to express themselves in various issues more than before which is such a good sign that they will grow up with full of self-confidence and self-esteem.

however, we are as teachers have to guide them how to think and see things logically and properly because they are sometimes express their thinking in the wrong ways since they are still little kids.

Kellie08 said...

Wow Priscilla that's so ambitious for you and your husband to start a new business! Has the reading on instructional designers in buisness and education matched up with your personal experience?

Priscilla Gardner said...

Yes Kellie the class has been great. It has really opened my eyes up to lots of things we need to do in order to more efficient. For example, looking at motivation and performance,evaluating the effectiveness of your products, understanding Electronic Performance Support Systems, reviewing the trends of instructional design in businesss and industry, securing jobs in business and industry and looking at resuablity and reusable design. All the information in this class was helpful.

My husband is much more techologically advanced them me. Therefore, this class and others will help me catch up to him. (-_-)