Thursday, November 8, 2007

Educational Technology - Chapter 11 Discussion

S-Shaped Curve
The first application question at the end of chapter 11 challenges us to think of an innovative product or practice that was introduced in the last several years. I asked 5 people when they first “adopted” the use of email.

Two of my respondents adopted the use of email prior to the world wide web being in existence. Thus, they adopted the use of email when this communication was available through main frame computers. The other 3 respondents adopted email around 1993-1994 which is when the world wide web began to be used on a wider scale.

This basically proves the S-shaped adoption curve is a valid idea. In my observation the curve shows email went through a very slow adoption and now is being used on a wide scale all over the world.

Diffusion Theory Applied to Educational Technology
My husband I recently developed a database development system for my department at work. In initially developing the database we did not take into consideration employees thoughts and feelings about a new system. The database administrator currently uses dbase and she thought a new database system would be difficult to learn even though the new system is windows based as opposed to dbase which is dos based. The new database allows you to see the students picture so you can put a name with a face when there is a need to follow-up with students about grades or write letters of recommendation. The new database also decentralizes data; giving staff the freedom to look-up data and run reports without depending on one person. The database system was developed 2 years ago and there is still a hesitation to use the product in the office. This chapter has helped me to understand how to make the use of a technology to those who will be using it on a daily basis. I evaluated the reason the new database was not being used and found that it was not user-friendly; and employees were not enthusiastic about learning how to use a new database. Thus, we have updated features to make the program more user-friendly and I am constantly training employees on its use to show them how to use it effectively.

Ely’s Eight Conditions That Contribute to Implementation
Yes, I believe that each of the conditions are equally important. However, I think leadership should be number 1 because without leadership the other steps will not take place.


Peiwen said...

I believe that the new database that you built with you husband will be definitely better than the dos dbase.
And I all agree the reason that you said coz they are not familiar with or lack of training to let the staffs get used to the new database.
2 years ago,one of my school developed their own computer based program for students. In the beginning, teachers were not willing to use that program into their class. once our president figured out that is because we didn't tell teachers how to impliment the computer based program into their class. so later we developed a serious of training for teachers. finally the use of the program increased

Priscilla Gardner said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm learning a lot about communicating and seeing a project through to the end. This course is very helpful.