Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Human Performance Technology

I thought this section was very interesting. This section really emphasized how we learn through on the job training, electronic performance support systems, knowledge management and learning and informal learning. I really liked the discussion about informal learning because our society moves so fast the best way to learn is informally. In today's times technology is obsolete before it is released to the public (i.e. Microsoft Vista and other operating systems) Software developers are already working on the next upgrade before users master the newly released version. In some cases this can be overwhelming. However, I think informal learning helps focus on the important aspects of learning a new technology, concept or idea. If you get involved in an online discussion you will see others perspectives and possibly get support on your own personal projects.

I believe this class has shown us a lot of different informal learning opportunities through this blog, wikis, social networks, and rss feeds. This class has actually opened my eyes to many opportunities I knew existed but, was quite sure how to incorporate into my daily life.

I think this section was very informative in showing us how technology now allows us to quickly access, analyze and evaluate information quickly and efficiently. I believe this skills will be valuable in helping us save corporate or educational dollars on formal training programs and processes.

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